Effective Management of Pallets

Aside from the goods the pallets are handling, the handling of the pallets as an inventory itself is equally important but it is one aspect that may have been overlooked by some companies.

Managing pallets is not as easy as just finding storage space for them but there are in fact many critical issues to deal with in order to ensure a smooth operation flow.

Factors to Consider in Handling Your Own Pallet Management


  • Do you want to build or allocate warehouse space for the storage of pallets?
  • As your business expands, the usage of pallets will multiply as well. How do you handle the additional space required?


  • Will the pallets be stored efficiently to maximise space and in accordance to safety requirement?
  • Will they be handled correctly to minimise damage?


  • How do you ensure the pallets are safe to use in terms of no broken parts and meeting the hygiene standards of the industry?
  • What method will you be using to sanitise the pallets and how often?
  • Should you select steam cleaning, chemical cleaning, etc.?


  • Do you have a system or method to match your supply chain with right kind of pallets in the quantity needed?

Repair & Replacement

  • Where and how fast can you get your required pallets repaired and replaced?
  • What is the repair and replacement cost?


  • What system will you be using to keep track of where your pallets are?


  • How frequent and fast can you retrieve your pallets for your next usage?
  • What would be the cost for manpower and transportation?

If you are unable to answer most or part of the questions above, chances are, your supply chain will be greatly affected.

Factoring in all the requirements, you will probably conclude that it is simply more viable to outsource your pallet requirements and management to a third party; a specialist who will manage your pallet needs efficiently, ensuring the smooth operation of your supply chain and expansion of business.

Focus on Your Profit

As a business owner, your focus and priority should be management of your goods which will bring sales and profit for your company.

While pallets play an important part in a company’s supply chain, they are but an expense to the company. There is no return on investment (ROI) and in fact, the cost of pallets makes up a part of the company’s total cost of business (TCOB) in delivering goods to its clients.

Taking on the management of pallets on your own effectively means dedicating finances, time and manpower to a product line that will never turn a profit.

Considering the vast effort in managing and maintaining pallets, many companies find it more sensible and efficient in utilising pallet rental programmes.

Your Solution : Pallet Rental Programme

There are many advantages in going for pallet rental programme.

  • No Heavy Investment : A company need not invest a substantial up-front fee to purchase pallets
  • Options : Choices of quality pallets which are inspected and well-maintained are viable options for customers
  • Efficiency : Established pallet suppliers ensures uninterrupted productivity and better operation through skilled management of their pallet pooling system
  • Flexibility : Rental programme enables the flexibility in selection of type of pallet, quantity as well as rental duration

In our earlier sharing (insert link of “Plastic is Better in Pallet World”), you would have read the disadvantages of wood pallets and benefits of plastic pallets. With the multiple advantages of plastic pallets, it makes more commercial sense for more and more companies in selecting them and is certainly a recommended choice for your business.

Having read through the complexities that may entail from self-management of pallets, your search of solution would be to find a reputable plastic pallet management partner that you can rely on.

Mah Sing Plastics Rental provides the flexibility that is in tune with your business needs. At an affordable rental rate with the option of daily, monthly and yearly rent, it is a fitting partner of choice.

Talk to us now to start your journey of effortless pallet management.