How Universal are Plastic Pallet?

When should one opt for plastic pallet and how suitable is it for your line of business?

As a business operator, you have to ensure that your decisions are prudent and made based on concrete information.

One needs to be well-informed as investment in warehouse organisers forms an important basis to a well-oiled operation that will perform efficiently.

Is Plastic Pallet Suitable for You?

Plastic pallet has been working wonders for warehouse operations due to its characteristics and the very material they are made from.


How Universal are Plastic Pallet 2 - How Universal are Plastic Pallet?

The abovementioned 4 main characteristics composed plastic pallets making them highly suitable for even the most particular or sensitive industry.

Among the industries or products with strict conditions to adhere to are : –


An industry responsible for healthcare; manufacturing vaccines, medicines and biologicals needs an aseptic environment free from the living germs of disease, putrefaction or fermentation.

Plastic pallets which can be steamed cleaned, hot washed or chemically sanitised are the only viable option able to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of cleanroom manufacturing.

Food Produce

Next in line apart from medicine would be food ingested by consumers. Unhygienic handling of food is an unacceptable treatment to prevent sickness and disease associated with its mishandling.

Failure to meet this requirement may also result in load rejections by retailers causing losses in monetary and brand confidence of the manufacturer.

Plastic pallets help manufacturers and transporters meet the various food safety requirements.

Paper Products

Paper products especially those meant for cleaning purpose or in contact with human skin need to be kept properly packaged and sealed to ensure that they are safe and sanitary to use.

Plastic pallets which are fabricated uniformly with no sharp edges, splinters or debris which could be commonly found on wood pallets are most appropriate in preventing damages to the packaging.

Heavy Products

Liquid and industrial products such as auto parts and steel components are dense and weighty requiring sturdy platform when transporting them from point to point.

Plastic pallets, able to carry up to 5,000 pounds are therefore the leading choice in handling such significant volumes.

Advantages of Uniformity in Plastic Pallets

One of the best advantages of being created uniformly is the ability to contribute to seamless operation where automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is being used.

Its predecessor, the wooden pallets simply do not fare as well in this aspect. They vary in sizes or dimension and weight with its density affected by moisture absorption which can increase the weight or even expand the size resulting in irregular pallets.

Plastic pallets with its many advantages ensure that ASRS systems are being maximised to their full potential in handling the highest throughput possible whilst minimising the errors and clean-up interruption from using wooden pallets.

In summary, plastic pallet truly outshine its competition with its superiority as warehouse organiser and shipping platform in terms of safety, sanitary, security and savings.

For detailed information on the suitable type of reliable plastic pallets for your industry, please reach out to our product specialist here.