Managing and Optimising Your Pallet Inventory

Managing and Optimising Your Pallet Inventory

Companies utilising plastic pallets in consideration of its multiple advantages and benefits have to factor in how to ensure their investment in this warehouse organiser can be maximised.

Managing pallet inventory is a different set of operational skill and one that needs to be mastered for efficiency.

The Process and Challenges of Managing Pallet Inventory

Plastic pallets which are sent out to move goods from manufacturers to retailers need to be sent back to the manufacturers for reuse. They need to come full circle for a significant number of times to make the investment worthwhile.

Below is the process of pallet retrieval that manufacturers need to manage.


Managing and Optimising Your Pallet Inventory 2 - Managing and Optimising Your Pallet Inventory

Referencing the process above, warehouse managers have challenges that they need to overcome at every process stage. Multiple informed decisions are to be made in maintaining the efficiency of the whole supply chain.

Each process stage entails specific task that will need to be performed meticulously. For organisations, this means investment in skilled manpower, tools and storage space; not to mention good time management throughout the process.


Managing and Optimising Your Pallet Inventory 3 - Managing and Optimising Your Pallet Inventory

They are challenges as each stage needs to be coordinated, managed and monitored by the warehouse manager. The warehouse manager is the ultimate quality inspector if pallet inventory is self-managed.

The question is, are you prepared to manage these processes on your own and how efficient can you run it? The good news is, there is an alternative and it is a specialised one.

Outsource Your Pallet Inventory Management

Contracting a company specialising in pallet pooling allows manufacturers to focus on their business fundamentals while the specialist handles all aspects of pallet management for the efficiency of their operation.

Companies providing pallet pooling services manage the entire process from end to end and most importantly they are responsible for providing quality pallets favoured and accepted by retailers.

Mah Sing Plastics Rental is a flexible and affordable programme established to ease the operation of its clients. It is one which enable manufacturers to decide on the rental duration whilst enjoying cost-effective yet efficient services.

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