Product Features

  • High Precision
  • RFID Tag Holder
  • Cap & Lock Pin System
  • Metal Reinforcement
  • Extra Strong & Solid Block
  • Strong & Solid Grille Deck Surface for Heavy Load
  • Pallet Stud at underneath deck board for forklift prevent slippery when lifting
  • Strengthen structure with texture surface for long-lasting on-chain and roller conveyor system


  • It is designed with extra strength, dimensionally consistent, metal-reinforced to your automation system.
  • Suitable for Electronic & Electrical, Food & Beverages, Oleo & Petrochemical industries etc.
  • Bigger fork clearance width and clearance high, compatible to different ASRS System requirements.
  • Up to 8 metal bar reinforcement.

Dimension 1200 x 1100 x 170 mm
Material HDPE / PPC
Type Non-reversible

Grille deck surface

Static (kg) 6000
Dynamic (kg) 1500
Racking (kg) 1500 *
Forklift 4 way
Hand Pallet Jack 2 way
Power Truck 2 Way
Colour Blue

*Base on selective Racking with Uniform Distributed Load(UDL)

EN4 1211M Website 08 540x383 - EN4-1211M

Optional Label
  • 4 anti-slip strips to be welded on top deck
  • Up to 8 metal bars reinforcement
  • Laser inkjet running no
  • Silk screening logo
  • Bar code
  • QR code
Colour  N.A