Product Features

  • Easy-open lids (Built Sturdy with Snug-Fitting Lids)
  • Nestable ( Added Transport Efficiency)
  • Stackable (Up to 5 Levels)
  • Lockable & Sealable (Seal is Excluded)
  • Solid & Comfortable Handle
  • Banding Straps
  • Label Holder
  • Safety & Security
  • Dual Locking Hole For Security seal

Seal Applications

  • Fast Seal, Clip Box Seal, TSSP, Mini Cable Seal


  • Secure storage for a variety of goods including Food, Raw Materials, Electronics, Documents etc. Suitable for all industries
    especially chain retailers.


  • Seal is excluded

External Size 600 x 400 x 365mm
Volume 65 litre
Internal Top 550 x 365 x 345mm
Internal Bottom 523 x 340mm
Material PP
Nesting Height 125mm
Stacking Height 355mm

11 - MS1133

Label Hot-stamping
Colour Available Blue
Personalised Colour  MOQ Required