• Stackable (Space Saving)
  • Great System Of Organization
  • Washable & Easily Cleanable
  • Keep Work Area Neat and Tidy
  • Molded-in Index Card Slot At Front Of The Storage Bin For Easy Identification
  • It can be used  in different ways:
    • Separately
    • Wall Mounted
    • Freestanding
    • Trolley
    • Stored In Cabinets
    • Open Racked Shelving to form a larger storage system


  • Hardware & Tools Storage, Home Storage, Office Storage,  Garage, Workshop, Warehouse

External Size 352(L)x288(l)x200(W)x146(H)x66(h) mm
Capacity 7.2 litre
Material PP
Stacking 138mm

MS1192 Website 08 540x383 - MS1192

Label N.A
Colour Available Blue, Yellow
Personalised Colour MOQ Required