Product Features

  • Safe for Food Contact Application
  • Good Air Ventilation (Defrost Frozen Food Faster)
  • Comfortable Handle Design For Easy Lifting & Handling
  • Stackable (Stack securely, Easy transport & Merchandising)
  • Strong & Durable ( Cool Room Storage  up to -20 Celsus)
  • Efficient flow of Baked Goods Throughout The Supply Chain
  • Stackable & Nestable To Maximise Transport & Storage Space


  • Fresh Bread Loaves, Snack Goods, Cakes & Pastry, Frozen Bakery Goods

External Size 630(L) x 480(W) x 110(H)mm
Capacity 26 litre
Internal Top 600(L) x 453(W) x 95(H)mm
Material HDPE
Nesting Height 58mm
Stacking Height 98mm

MS129 Website 09 540x383 - MS129


Label: Hot-stamping / Silk-screening
Colour Available Blue
Personalised Colour MOQ Required