Product Features

  • Stable Interlocking Design
  • Washable & Easily Cleaned
  • Label For Easy Identification
  • Reinforced Rib Structure Design On Bottom
  • Comfortable Handle Design For Easy Lifting & Handling
  • Stackable & Nestable,  To Maximise Transport & Storage Space
  • Reinforced Rib Around The Corner For Stable Stacking Strength
  • Ventilated Design For Easier  Cleaning, Drainage & Maximise The Air Flow


  • Leafy Vegetables, Fruits, Seafood, Poultry

External Size 605(L) x 260(W) x265(H)mm
Capacity 28 litre
Internal Top 560(L) x 234(W)x 252(H)mm
Internal Bottom 536(L) x 210(W)
Material PP
Stacking Height 248mm
Nesting 140mm


MS1302H Website 09 540x540 - MS1302(H)


  1. MS1301H, MS1302H & MS1303H are engineered to be stacked together in  virtually  any combination
  2. Perfect application with plastics pallet WN2116116 & EN4-1212FM
Label Hot-stamping
Personalised Colour MOQ Required