Product Features

  • Grill Type Design, Good for Air Ventilation
  • Impact Resistant Structure Design
  • Strong & Solid Leg Support
  • Forklift and Lift Truck Accessible
  • Stackable to Maximise The Transport & Storage Space


  • Industrial Equipment, Automotive Components, Hardware, Metal Parts, Plastics & Rubber, Tools

External Size 1100(L) x 800(W) x 690(H)mm
Capacity 405 litre
Internal Top 1012(L) x 712(W) x 562(H)mm
Surface Hole
Material PP / HDPE
Nesting Height NA
Stacking Height 660 mm

MS6400HL 09 540x540 - MS6400HLMS6400HL 10 540x540 - MS6400HL


  • Plastic Box Lids
Label Silk-screening
Colour Available Blue
Personalised Colour MOQ Required