Hamidah binti Samingan

A great platform to start off my career. With assistance and guidance from seniors, I’m able to grow and glow from time to time. Throughout my employment with MSPI, I challenge myself to explore more experience to add more value to myself so that I can develop myself to be a knowledgeable person.

Lee Chuen Phin

Mah Sing Plastics offers a firm foundation for a wide range of learning opportunities with a friendly and supportive environment. Joining as a fresh graduate, I find myself among a group of talented people from diverse background and experiences who showed me the way to collaborate in a spirit of mutual benefit. Opportunities to put my thought and ideas into action are never-ending and my skill sets continue to develop with the tremendous experience across different streams of projects.

Veyshithra Govindasamy

An invigorating place to work for where every individual has given an opportunity to experience the industrial exposure through ultimate guidance and support from the senior colleagues. Through my employment journey with Mah Sing Plastics, I’ve become a better version of myself every day.