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Your Preferred Partner in Plastics

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40+ Years of Expertise & Innovation in Plastic Industry

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Design & Development


Our Capabilities

Our factories in Malaysia and Indonesia have close to 80 units of injection machine ranging from 60 tonnes to 4,000 tonnes clamping force, amongst the largest in ASEAN. With the expanded capacity, we are in strategic position to meet market demands.

Product Series

Industries We Serve

Mah Sing Plastics Pallet & Boxes are used in…

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To be able to handle high load volumes with significant rotation

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Marine & Poultry

To maintain stringent hygiene and sanitary requirement

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Electronic & Electrical

To protect electrostatically sensitive components from charging.

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To be able to handle heavy duty usage due to its various parts and components

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Food & Beverage

To be able to transport F&B without parasite, bacteria or infection

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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

To maintain aseptic environment

Read Versatility of Plastic Palletsfor further details and understanding

We export our products to
More Than 50 Countries
around the world