Storage Bins & Drawer Sets Series
Storage Bins & Drawer Sets Series

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This is a simple and effective small parts organisation and storage in the workplace, departmental store, warehouses, hardware store and workshop. It’s ideal for mounting in garages and/or sheds. Its removable bins make it easily accessible and convenient to use.

This storage rack ensures the tiniest of component can be stored securely and compartmentalised accordingly. The colour coding of the bins helps with segregation and identification for more efficient organisation.

Value Added Features

  1. Stackability
  2. Great system of organisation
  3. Multiple colour choices
  4. Keep work area neat and tidy

Customisation Options

  1. Labelling (Individualised logos & lettering)
  2. Personalised Colour (Selection from a wide range of colour)


  1. Hardware
  2. Tools
  3. Spare Parts
  4. Industrial product

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