ASRS & Metal Series
ASRS & Metal Series

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This series of plastic pallets are an ideal platform for Automated Storage and Retrieval System. It is designed with extra strength, dimensionally consistent, metal-reinforced to your automation system. Dimensional consistency is important for plastics pallet placed on the conveyor line; Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV); rail-guided vehicle system SORTING TRANSFER VEHICLE (STV). Dimensionally stable load carrier is evenly distributed resulting in safer and more secure transportation.

Value Added Features

  1. High Precision
  2. Metal-reinforced
  3. Zero Maintenance
  4. Cap & Lock Pin System
  5. Smooth / Grill Top Surface


  1. Strong
  2. Rigid
  3. Durable


  1. Automatic Storage Retrieval System (ASRS),for Electronic & Electrical, Food & Beverages, Oleochemical & Petrochemical industries etc.

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