Spill Container Series
Spill Container Series

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Spill Series are quality engineered with a robust design that is able to withstand the toughest environments for superior spill protection, containment, storage and control. Made from HDPE, virgin material with chemical resistance against hazardous acids and solvents. This spill container pallet can hold up to 250 litre of liquid and up to four 205 litre drums, efficiently supporting and expediting the business operation.

Big sump captures spills and meets EPA/SPCC/NPDES/HSE/UFC spill containment regulations. Handling spills effectively with our Spill Container pallet series which makes it hassle-free and better for the safety of your worker, the site and the environment.

Value Added Features

  1. Robust Design Sump
  2. Leakproof
  3. Spill Prevention
  4. Wide Forklift pockets for easy relocation
  5. Multiple structural support handle heavy loads
  6. Seamless construction eliminates leaks


  1. Strong
  2. Rigid
  3. Durable


Suitable for Chemical Processing and handling, Chemical Storage area, Laboratories, production lines environment.

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