V-Chair Series
V-Chair Series


V-Chair™ is a stackable polypropylene chair.‎

Made from one piece monobloc plastic, this model is aesthetically pleasing and it provides safety, durability and stability on a professional level. It is particularly well-suited for public spaces and the outer areas of cafés and restaurants. More importantly, it can complement different dining tables and styles, so you can always find the perfect seat suited for the environment.


  1. Multi-functionality
  2. Nestable, Space Saving
  3. Washable & Easily Cleaned
  4. Strong & solid leg support
  5. Anti-slip Legs
  6. Ergonomic Back & Seat

Customisation Options

  1. Labelling (Individualised logos & lettering)
  2. Personalised Colour (Selection from a wide range of colour)


  1. Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Garden, Yard and Balcony, Office Leisure Area and Dining Hall

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