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Our plastic boxes are designed & produce high-quality plastic injection-moulded storage and transport containers for various areas of application.

gear 16 - Plastic Box


Function and Versatility meet specific industry demand

hammer - Plastic Box


Strong & Solid structure Design

dashboard 3 line - Plastic Box


Excellent load capacity to transport and distribute bulk goods


Immense Benefits of Plastic Box

Ease of Maintenance

Plastic box need not go through treatment to prevent growth of fungus or mould nor insect infestation; making them extremely easy to maintain.

Quick Cleaning

As a good hygiene practice, plastic box can be easily cleaned utilising various methods such as hot wash, steaming or chemical solution.


Moulded sleek and splinter free plus their lightweight feature, plastic box are easier and safer to handle.

Cost Saving

Being 30% lighter than a wooden box, it is a logistically wise choice for its great transportation savings.

Durable & Robust

A life span of up to a decade, the durable and robust plastic box can function with hardly any breakage; greatly reducing the need or cost to repair or replace them.


Even after many years of usage, plastic box retain their value by being recyclable. Churned out again as new box, they can be used for multiple years; an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.


Container 1000x1000 Agricultural - Plastic Box
Agriculture, Marine & Poultry Series
Container 1000x1000 Bakery - Plastic Box
Bakery System Series
Cover - Plastic Box
Container Cover Series
Foldable 1000x1000 1 - Plastic Box
Foldable Box Series
F B Series - Plastic Box
Food & Beverage Series
Container 1000x1000 Jumbo - Plastic Box
Jumbo Boxes Series
Container 1000x1000 Multipurpose - Plastic Box
Multipurpose & Industries Series
Container 1000x1000 Tote Box - Plastic Box
Security Tote Box Series
Container 1000x1000 Storage Box - Plastic Box
Storage Bins & Drawer Sets Series

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