Magnum Academic Series
Magnum Academic Series


Education, a most precious gift to the next generation, deserves top priority from all aspects. Students need areas where they can focus and study independently as well as spaces where they can interact with their peers and work on group projects comfortably.

Our comprehensive range from Magnum Academic Collection are made of light weight yet durable high quality plastic and steel. The well thought-out streamlined design together with quality finishing requires minimal maintenance, both effective and safe. These colourful yet highly functional Magnum range enhances the ambience of every classroom.


  1. Comfortable for Long Hour Usage
  2. Smooth type suitable for all types of fancy and delicate edibles
  3. Ergonomic Back & Seat
  4. Washable & Easily Cleaned
  5. Solid Build

Customisation Options

  1. Labelling (Individualised logos & lettering)
  2. Personalised Colour (Selection from a wide range of colour)


  1. Fully welded steel frame engineered for an easy, stable and sturdy set-up within a classroom, training room or auditorium.

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