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Warehouse Organiser have been classified as versatile and essential warehouse solution due to its extensive ability in being able to serve various industries across the board.

Specific Industry Requirements

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Agriculture produce comes in great volumes including harvest of crops and livestock which needs to be continuously sent to production line.</p> <p>The selected plastic pallets need to be able to handle high load volumes with significant rotation.

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Marine & Poultry

Fresh produce is most sensitive and susceptible to contamination.</p> <p>Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned to maintain stringent hygiene and meeting sanitary requirement.

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The automotive industry is made up of multiple sophisticated components and parts with a wide range of sizes and weight.</p> <p>The sturdier plastic pallets able to handle heavy duty usage due to its various parts and components are most suitable.

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Electronic & Electrical

Electronic products and electrical items are electrostatically sensitive.</p> <p>Specially designed plastic pallets which are conductive are required to protect electrostatically sensitive components from charging.

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Food & Beverage

Food hygiene and safety is of utmost importance to ascertain safe consumption.</p> <p>Plastic pallets are most ideal to transport F&B without parasite, bacteria or infection as they can be sanitised regularly and easily.

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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

As the industry responsible with products to maintain our health, the manufacturers need to maintain aseptic environment.</p> <p>Plastic pallets which can efficiently fumigated meet the strict requirements of these industries.

The 4S namely Safety, Sanitary, Security and Savings form the solid foundation on the immense benefits of warehouse organisers.

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